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Candy Coup-Link
Candy Accu-Gear
Beam, Bellows, Curved Jaw, Disc, Encoder, Oldham and Rigid couplings
Zero-backlash, precision shaft couplings
Low inertia, high response designs
Aluminum and stainless steel options
Drop-in sizes with inch or metric bores
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Precision planetary servo gearheads and spiral bevel gearboxes
In-line and right angle gearboxes
Precision and economy series
Ratios from 1:1 up to 500:1
Drop-in dimensions
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Candy Screw Jack
Candy Spiral Bevel
Candy Foot-Mount Screw Jack    
Foot-mount and cubic style housings
Capacity up to 100 tons
Translating, keyed and rotating designs
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Candy Spiral Bevel    
Ratios from 1:1 to 5:1
Multiple shaft configurations
95% efficient transmission
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Harmonic Differential
Harmonic Differential
Candy Differential
Harmonic Differentials HDD Shaft-mounted, 1:1 gearbox
Bi-directional position control
Speed/tension control
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Harmonic Differentials HDC Position/speed control
Zero backlash, high efficiency
Compact shaft-mount design
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Candy Differential 1:1 positioning gearbox
Infinitely adjustable
Flexible modular design
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Dynamic Differential
Candy Positioner
Phase Variator
Dynamic Differential Rotary motion control
Open or closed loop
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Candy Positioner Inline, 1:1 positioner
400° of adjustment
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Phase Variator 360° of adjustment
Economical motion control
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Candy Phasing Hub
Candy Timing Hub
Candy Switch
Candy Phasing Hub Position control coupling
Wrenchless adjustment
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Candy Timing Hub Phase adjusting coupling
Custom bore options available
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Adjustable cam switch
Simple timing control
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Niles, IL 60714
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We specialize in control products that increase productivity and quality by controlling timing and phasing difficulties with printing, packaging, and converting process machinery even while running.

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